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A Bustling Mill District

This gorgeous color illustration from 1910 depicts the bustling Minneapolis, Minnesota “Mill District,” powered by the mighty Mississippi River. 

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Panorama of Chicago from the Skyline Club

Source: zinklesmesh (reddit)

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A-Frame Notecards and Postcards! 

A 12-card set culled from the golden, groovy age of midcentury A-frame ski lodges, country homes, and vacation getaways. The package itself folds out to become its own mini A-frame dwelling, perfect for desktop (or lakeside) display. Available here.

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Mapping where Jimmy John’s ex-employees are forbidden to make sandwiches.

[Map: SigActs]

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A gallery in San Francisco has a lot of tiny graffiti on display in a new exhibit called Honey, I Shrunk the Streets.” 

[Photo: 1AM Gallery]

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China’s high-speed rail vision

The South China Morning Post (01.10.14) has put together an infographic visualizing a potential cross-continental high-speed rail network that would not only connect London to China, but also America and Singapore:

China is proposing five high-speed international railway networks that would ultimately connect the UK at one end, America at another and Singapore in the south, with China in the centre. The large number of countries involved requires Herculean efforts of diplomacy, technology and economics.

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67. Sketch model animation test - with assistance from Anine


67. Sketch model animation test - with assistance from Anine

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This map, by Jake Coolidge, shows a hypothetical expanded transit system in Chicago.

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