Wrigley Field is 100 years old today. This 1:3000 scale paper model of Wrigley is much less.

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Nighttime City Maps

by Marc Khachfe

Source: designboom 

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Inside the Abandoned New York State Pavilion at the Queens’ World Fair Site [Photos] http://ift.tt/1jGhtFC

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Miniature Apartment Buildings – Street Art by Evol

Check out more of the miniature apartment buildings by street artist Evol or find other art inspiration on WE AND THE COLOR.

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Happy Earth Day!

Behold the Unisphere (by marmotfotos)

A year ago: visiting the spectacular wooden 1:500 scale model of Moscow. The urban planning model was constructed between 1968-1986 and its existence was kept as a state secret until the fall of the USSR. The model has been open to the public since 1993 and is kept updated with new construction and developments in central Moscow.

Moscow City Model (by marmotfotos)


© unknown author + designboom (photo) - 35 meter slice through the singaporean landscape

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April 18, 1775: Paul Revere, William Dawes, and Dr. Samuel Prescott go on their famous Midnight Ride.

I couldn’t resist posting a second Boston map today, although this one definitely isn’t contemporaneous. There are signs of industry scattered all over, and steamboat routes are a prominent feature. However, it is a lovely view of Boston in 1914!

MapFederal Engraving and Publishing Co. Bird’s eye view of Boston Harbor and South Shore to Provincetown.  Boston : published by Wm. J. Finn, c1914.

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Experiments in Motion

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